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Virtual toolkit design

Project description

VRadient is a colour toolkit within Virtual Reality (VR) technology. VRadient allows users to perform dynamic painting and interact swiftly with colours. The toolkit is designed to enhance users’ creative expressions to challenge conventional graphic interface and technologies. Each tool of VRadient is fully interactive with your virtual hands, as you do with tools in physical world.

This project explores potentials of virtual tools. It introduces a room of intriguing colour tools by demonstrating their functions and creative implementations. Fluent tool usability and customisable interface are the key focus of VRadient project. The project resulted a unique interaction that couldn’t be done either in physical environment or on 2D screen.



VR is greatly expanding its technological potentials and collaborating with different disciplines to increase its understandings and usefulness. However, the applications regarding basic VR interface are limited and uncultivated in commercial domain.  Particularly, tool designs are lacking spatial associations and connectivity. 

  • How can we enhance VR experience by improving the relationship between the physical and digital world?

  • How should Virtual tool be designed for better user experience?

  • What is Product designer's role in this context?


This project attempts to speculate and investigate within this context to explore VR interface innovations and create playful toolkit for users.

MA degree project at Royal College of Art

Many thanks to Durrell Bishop, Oscar Lhermitte, Oluwaseyi Sosanya, Gravity Sketch team, Chang Hee Lee and BidOn Studio